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Free exercise

Determine where you are now

The purpose of this exercise is to clarify which are the parts of your life that you feel as “weak”: surely you already have an idea, but representing it graphically allows you to create a deeper vision: it will be like taking a picture of your life in a given time. Usually this exercise is also taken to look back to the past and sketching your future. This exercise is the basics to see where you’re at in this moment, and then decide where you want to go.

“The wheel of life”

“Where you’re at” is a systemic awareness exercise: this is what in coaching is known as “the wheel of life”.

The wheel of life consists indeed, in a circle, with many others inside: it looks like what you would see if you cut a tree’s log.

This circle is then sectioned into slices, each one of them is named with one of the aspects of life. You are going to give a mark to every one of them, based on your present situation.

This exercise is the basics to see where you’re at in this moment, and then decide where you want to go. Based on your answers to the questions below you need to colour the parts of the circle accordingly from 1 to 10.

For each area, answer these questions before
evaluating how many rings to color


1. Body/Health/Vitality

Do you like yourself?
Are you healthy?
Do you sleep enough?

2. Emotions

How do you feel when you wake up?
Can you handle your own emotions?
Are you able to share your problems with others?

3. Environment / belongings

Do you like your home?
Is it comfortable?
Do you like the place where you live?

4. Self-Development

Do you read?
Do you ever go deeper to get to know something better?
Do you have interests?

5. Leisure

Do you have free time?
Do you go on holidays?
Do you go out with friends sometimes?

6. Family

Are you in good relationship with your family?
Do you enjoy their company?
Do you save enough time for them?

7. Social life

Are you dating someone?
Are you satisfied with your relationships with your friends?
Do you look for people or is there always someone calling you?

8. Work/Career

Is your job is motivating you?
Are you feeling good with your colleagues?
Do you feel you’re professionally growing?


Can you face unexpected expenses?
Is your lifestyle is the one that you wish?
Do you spend more than what you earn?
Do you have a good relationship with money?

10.Spirit/purpose/contribution to the world

Are your actions making the world a better place?
Do you feel useful?
Are you spiritual?

How it works?

Now that you systematically visualised your situation and maybe decided to take some actions towards the area that interests you, follow up asking yourself the following questions.

For each answer you’ll have, follow with other questions concerning what YOU can do to reach your goal. To be called so, a goal needs to be clear, specific, it needs to inspire you, it needs to be under your control and to have a deadline.

It’s You taking actions to reach a goal which depends uniquely on you.

Ready to Make a Change?

The wheel will always have a different shape from the last time that you have done it. It is an insanely simple and useful exercise. Enjoy this free exercise and remember to check your email to get what else is reserved for you!