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Coach In App | Always with you

Coach In App

Let’s find a balance between today and tomorrow

In nowadays modern society we are closed and individualistic, more than ever before. That’s why we invented a way to keep yourself balanced. Each and everyone of us has a big potential and that’s why everything you need is to know how to use it

About Us

A new way of coaching

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, once said: “Everyone should have a coach”. Now it is possible. Coach In App share the idea that everyone should get the instruments to change and to improve oneself and to develop your strength.

Coach In App was created to give you all the necessary basics to start a personal journey and to benefit as much as possible from coaching sessions if you ever decide to turn personally to a professional.

Human beings learn by repetition. For this reason the strength of Coach In App is the continuous remote support. Most of the online courses are purchased and never opened again. With the special personal newsletters sent on weekly basis we are going to remind you and give some additional tips on how to achieve the best from working on yourself.

A Coach In App is also here to remind you that it is normal to make mistakes. Coach In App helps you in creating a profitable mindset in everyday life. All you need to do is to find some time, to open Coach In App from your computer or phone or to check your email, and to work with our exercises.

We believe that everything is possible.

Happy new start!
– Coach In App team

People use coaching to achieve results


Improvement of individual performance

Main areas of development

Why Coach In App?

Together to your destination

Nowadays our societies are closed. We live in big cities where we are constantly  surrounded by strangers. When we face some difficulties, it is hard to reach out to someone.

Our stories are individual and unique, sometimes even too complex. That is why we won’t ask you to tell us yours. We will provide all the tools that are needed for you to find your personal potential and to learn to work with yourself and maximise it.

Individualism is predominant in today’s world, and thats a fact. This is why we are going to provide you everything that you need to find your individual strengths and potential and become the best version of yourself.

How it is working?

It as a journey: from now to the future


1. Beginning of your personal change

Before every new story, it is important to understand where you are now. Or where you want to be.

2. Where are you going?

To understand how to reach your goals, you need to evaluate your strengths but also to understand what we can develop to make your trip more effective.

3. In this life journey, you are not alone. Even if sometimes you would love to be...

In everyday interactions and daily routine, the surrounding environment consciously or not influence our actions, our decisions and in general – our lives. It is good as long as we are not living someone else’s life. In this part of the journey, we are going to learn how to listen to our inner voice.

4. But... sometimes it’s not easy to make decisions, is it?

Decision-making is a process when you decide what is right or wrong, needed or not. But what if none of those things look right for you? We are going to go through all of this process and learn how to make decisions that make you happy.

5. Who are those people around you?

Science already showed us that we, as human beings, have different reference points. People around us not only are a reflection of our personality but they also influence us. In this part of the journey, we are going to understand how to find a balance in communicating with whom is around us.  

6. Time to act!

After finding out and developing your individual strengths you are ready to make your ideas come true. We are going to offer you a set of tools, which will help to focus on your idea, to plan it and make it reality!

Ready to Make a Change?

Get a taste of it and prepare yourself for a new beginning.